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Dr Rory Collins


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Clinical Trial Service Unit
Radcliffe Infirmary
United Kingdom

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1. Providing unequivocal evidence about the effects of cholesterol-lowering drug therapy with simvastatin on total mortality among high-risk patients
2. Demonstrating reliably the effects on coronary heart disease (CHD) within several subgroups where there is still uncertainty (e.g. women, elderly, below-average cholesterol, hypertensive)
3. Providing reliable information about effects on non-cardiac mortality and morbidity (i.e. cancer, trauma, etc.), on vascular surgery and other hospitalisations and any major side-effects
4. Assessing effects of vitamin supplementation on CHD

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Randomised placebo controlled factorial design trial

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Randomised controlled trial

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Coronary heart disease (CHD)


Patients were randomised in a 2 x 2 factorial design to receive:
1. 40 mg simvastatin daily or matching placebo tablets
2. Antioxidant vitamins (vitamins E, C and beta-carotene) or matching placebo capsules

Treatment duration was for five years.

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Not Specified

Drug names

Simvastatin, vitamins E and C, beta-carotene

Primary outcome measure

1. Total mortality and cause-specific mortality for statin comparison
2. Total CHD and fatal CHD for vitamin comparison
3. Major vascular events and total CHD for subgroups

Secondary outcome measures

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Participant inclusion criteria

1. Patients at high risk of CHD (e.g., because of history of vascular disease or diabetes)
2. Without clear indication for or contra-indication to statin
3. Male and female adults
4. Non-fasting blood total cholesterol concentrations of at least 3.5 mmol/L (135 mg/dL)

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Participant exclusion criteria

1. The patient's doctor considered statin therapy to be clearly indicated or contra-indicated
2. A past history of: stroke, myocardial infarction or angina hospitalisation within the previous six months
3. Chronic liver disease or evidence of abnormal liver function
4. Severe renal disease or evidence of substantially impaired renal function
5. Inflammatory muscle disease or evidence of muscle problems
6. Concurrent treatment with cyclosporin, fibrates or high-dose niacin
7. Child-bearing potential
8. Severe heart failure
9. Life-threatening conditions other than vascular disease or diabetes (including any cancer except non-melanoma skin cancer)
10. Any other condition that might limit long-term compliance

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Countries of recruitment

United Kingdom

Trial participating centre

Clinical Trial Service Unit
United Kingdom

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Medical Research Council (MRC) (UK)

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20 Park Crescent
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7636 5422

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Research council



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Research council

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Medical Research Council (MRC) (UK)

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National government


United Kingdom

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Publication list

1. 2005 results in
2. 2007 results in
3. 2009 results in
4. 2010 genetic variant results in
5. 2011 results in
6. 2011 results in
7. 2012 results in
8. 2012 sub-study results on cholesterol and risk of vascular events in

Publication citations

  1. Results

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  2. Results

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  3. Results

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  4. Genetic variant results

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  5. Results

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  6. Results

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  7. Results

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