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If you would like a member of the ISRCTN team to add results to your study record, please fill in the form below:

If you have published the results in a peer-reviewed journal, please could you provide a link to the publication on PubMed or its DOI?

If your study is complete but you have not published or are not planning to publish, we would be happy to upload a basic results summary to your record. The basic results should include the following four sections and not contain any interpretation of the results:

  • Participant Flow: A flow diagram showing participants involved at each stage of the study (namely enrolment, intervention allocation, follow-up, and data analysis).
  • Baseline Characteristics: A tabular summary showing baseline demographic (age and gender) and clinical characteristics of the participants.
  • Outcome Measures: A tabular summary of the outcome measures listed in the ISRCTN record. Please ensure to list your primary outcome measures in a tabular format and provide your secondary outcome measures in a separate table if available.
  • Adverse Events: a tabular summary of all anticipated and unanticipated serious adverse events (life-threatening) and anticipated and unanticipated other adverse events (non-life threatening) which will include a description of the adverse event and the number of participants affected. If there were no adverse events associated with your study then please include a statement to the effect of “There were no adverse events associated with this study.”

For examples of basic results summaries, please see the following study records:, and

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